The ideal solution for your new roof 

At D & D Slating Ltd, we offer cladding and overlay cladding services that are ideal for commercial and industrial customers, as well as domestic customers with a large roof area. Our friendly team can offer you a free estimate and analyse the best solution for your roofing needs. 

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Roof cladding

Cladding and overlay cladding 

With a range of materials to choose from, you can be sure to find the best cladding material for your roof in order to suit your roof space and the design of your building. Our cladding and overlay cladding services provide efficient, easy to install, and customisable roofing. 
Professional cladding installation

Professional cladding installation 

For clients with a large roof surface area to cover, including commercial and industrial properties, cladding is one of the most effective solutions. Instead of installing tiles one at a time, roof cladding ensures a quick and easy process by applying and securing large sheets of roofing material. Cladding is also perfect for all garage roof replacements. For a more customised look, roofing sheets come in both plastic and metal and can be moulded to fit unusually shaped roofs, curved edges, and more.
Overlay cladding

Overlay cladding

If you’re looking to protect your commercial building or home from the elements, overlay cladding systems add a second layer of protection on top of your existing roofing system. Our skilled roofers can install the overlay cladding quickly and efficiently, to ensure that it doesn’t disrupt your home life or business. In addition, overlay cladding can provide a space to introduce additional insulation to reduce heat loss and energy costs. 
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