A perfect finish for granite and masonry 

The experienced team at D & D Slating Ltd can offer their expertise for all your finishing needs, including pointing and rough casting. Our attention to detail, careful selection of materials, and high-quality of work ensures that you are always left satisfied. 

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Beautiful granite finished house

Expert pointing and rough casting services

As an extension of our roofing services for your home or office, D & D Slating Ltd can provide detailed pointing and repointing services for granite and masonry, as well as rough casting for a superior finish. We work to your exact specifications and with the highest quality materials for your needs. Our helpful team will offer guidance through the entire process and help you make the best choices for your roof. 
Home with smooth granite finish

Pointing and repointing for a clean and smooth finish

At D & D Slating Ltd, we are happy to provide pointing and repointing services for granite and masonry. Whether it’s a commercial or domestic property, our services will help create a clean and smooth finish to your roof. With a strong attention to detail, we make sure that our pointing mortar matches the colour and texture of your roof for both installation and repair. If repointing is executed incorrectly, or the wrong materials are used, it can effect the look of your building and result in costly damage. Choosing our experienced roofing team can save you money and ensure you receive the very best granite and masonry pointing and repointing.
Chimney with smooth granite finish

Rough casting with a perfect finish 

If you’re looking for a professional rough casting service, then look no further than D & D Slating Ltd. We provide complete rough casting as one of our comprehensive roofing services. With a range of colours to choose from, our reliable roofing team will ensure that the rough cast applied to your building suits both the colouring and style that you want. With years of experience, we can help you decide if rough casting will be suitable for your home or commercial property.
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